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July 17, 2020, is World Emoji Day! Chosen for the “July 17” marked on the calendar emoji, it’s a day to celebrate the advent of modern communication, cheer for your favorite icon, and maybe even sing the official anthem. This year, we decided to make working from home a little more fun and honor World Emoji Day 2020 by releasing a suite of custom-designed emojis for Slack.

Emojis for Every User

Maybe you want to remind your colleagues to wash their hands, wear a mask, or stay 6 feet away. You can now do all that with a simple emoji.

Slack message with social distance emoji

We also polled our community to see what kind of emojis they wanted to see in Slack, and received many requests to include more Pride-themed emojis. Using our Pride Zoom Backgrounds as a starting point, we created nine emojis to help share your pride!

pride emojis

In the end, the final results are a reflection of Gladstone’s community values and scientific mission.

From Us to You

As communication continues through online platforms like Slack, we believe more tools are needed to express what words fail to communicate and what time does not allow. We want to share this tool with you for your personal and professional Slack workspaces.

Download the suite of emojis now and upload them to your Slack workspace.

Note: You may have trouble downloading these in Chrome. We recommend using an alternative browser to download this zip file.

Learn how to upload custom emojis to Slack.

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