Gladstone is committed to ensuring you can work in a safe and supportive environment.

Gladstone's Crisis Response Team has put together these resources in the event that you or someone you know is experiencing a physical safety concern or mental health crisis.

Emergency Assistance

Mental Health Crisis and Safety

Non-Emergency Assistance

If you have any questions or would like to consult about a concern, contact the Crisis Response Team.

Emergency Assistance

When dialing 911 from a Gladstone phone, you will reach UC Emergency, who is capable of handling any and all emergencies.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

UCSF Police Emergency Fire, radiation spill, chemical spill, imminent mental health crisis, medical emergency, civil disturbance, workplace violence, suspicious persons 911 (from Gladstone phone)
415.476.6911 (from a cell phone)
UC Police Non-Emergency 415.476.1414
Poison Control Center Call if you or someone you work with has ingested or been exposed to a poison, this can include eating, breathing, or contact with your eyes or skin 1.800.876.4766
Needlestick Hotline Pager If you experience a needle-stick, laceration or believe you have been exposed to blood-borne pathogens 415.353.7842
Ext. 1017 (from a Gladstone phone)
Facilities Emergency Number Broken water pipes, fire, freezer alarms, etc. 415.747.0055
Ext. 2555 and press 1 when prompted
Gladstone Facilities Manager Call if you can’t reach someone by the Facilities Emergency number 608.302.2288
Mission Bay Escort To have someone walk you to your car or bus/shuttle stop 415.514.4020
Night Watchperson Cell Call if there’s an emergency after hours 415.940.8091

Mental Health Crisis and Safety

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up! If you're concerned about someone's well-being, don't be afraid to share your concerns.

Gladstone's Crisis Response Team can help. This team is a coordinated effort between the People Services, Facilities, and Legal teams to ensure that if a community member is experiencing a mental health crisis or physical safety concern, they can receive swift help and support.

If you or a colleague has experienced a mental health crisis or physical safety emergency while at Gladstone, notify the Crisis Response Team once the crisis has been addressed. They can provide additional support and assistance.

If you need more guidance on how to respond to a mental health crisis, consult the Crisis Contact Sheet.

For Immediate Assistance

If you or a colleague is in crisis and in imminent danger, contact one of these resources for emergency services:

Local Police/Fire/Rescue 911 (calling 911 from a Gladstone phone directs you to UCSF Police and they will dispatch an ambulance)
Hospital Emergency Room Nearest to Gladstone Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center Emergency Room, 1001 Portrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94110 (between 22nd and 23rd Streets) (Important reminder: the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay does not have an adult emergency room)
Emergency Psychiatric Services 628.206.8125
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 988
Crisis Text Line Connect with a crisis counselor by texting the word "home" to 741741
LGBT National Help Center 1.888.843.4564
THRIVE Lifeline (specially for STEM LGBTQ+ individuals) Text 'oSTEM' to 1.313.662.8209
Gladstone Employee Assistance Program Call 1.800.523.5668 (TTY 711) for 24-hour counseling support
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Mobile Crisis Treatment Team Call 415.970.4000 or visit the website to get immediate treatment or triage if you're suffering from an emotional crisis or symptoms of actue psychiatric illness

Non-Emergency Assistance

UC Police Non-Emergency: 1.415.476.1414

Gladstone's Crisis Response Team is a coordinated effort between Gladstone's People Services, Facilities, and Legal teams to ensure that if a community member is experiencing a mental health crisis or physical safety concern, they can receive swift help and support

If you're concerned about a community member who is not in imminent danger to themselves or others, email Gladstone's Crisis Response Team or contact one of its members: