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Out in Science

Out in Science 2018
Hear stories from “out”standing panelists
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Mahley Auditorium

Students, trainees, and professionals, this is your chance to find LGBTQ+ role models and mentors! Listen to panelists’ stories, relate to their experiences, and ask them questions about the challenges and opportunities of being out in science.


  • Fred Chang, MD, PhD, professor of cell and tissue biology, UC San Francisco
  • Alejandro Ruiz, PhD, graduate student in physics, UC Berkeley
  • Teresa Tuan, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics, UC San Francisco
  • Noah Whiteman, PhD, associate professor of integrative biology, UC Berkeley
  • Moderated by Patrick Bradley, PhD, bioinformatics fellow, Gladstone Institutes

The event includes a panel discussion and a question and answer period. A reception will follow in the Gladstone lobby.

Hosted By: 

Gladstone Institutes, UCSF’s Graduate Queer Alliance, and the UCSF LGBT Resource Center.

This event is organized in collaboration with Gladstone’s LGBTQ+ community group, whose vision is to create an environment of openness and inclusion across the spectrums of gender and sexuality.

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