With so many social media platforms at your fingertips today, it’s become much easier to connect with people who share your beliefs, values, and identities. And the digital world can help combat isolation by providing support from a broader community than the one you might be able to access in person.

For LGBTQ+ scientists, online platforms offer ample opportunities to find mentors or share research with the queer community. Yet, these platforms can also open the door to trolling, hate speech, or other negative experiences.

In this panel discussion hosted on June 13, 2023, LGBTQ+ STEM professionals to hear their thoughts on the benefits and challenges of having a strong online presence, and learn from their unique experiences.


  • Ron Buckmire, PhD, Professor of Mathematics, Occidental College
  • Bonnie EJ Maven, PhD, Computational Biologist
  • Jamie Lee Twist Schroeder, MD, DPhil, Radiologist, UC San Francisco
  • Wendy Runyon, Research Scientist, Gladstone Institutes
  • Moderated by Stephanie Miller, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Gladstone Institutes
  • Land acknowledgement by Kanyon Sayers-Roods