Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Nadia Roan

Senior Investigator

Dan Pollard, PhD

Associate Professor, Western Washington University

Guo Huang, PhD

Associate Professor, UC San Francisco

Moderated by Kruthika Iyer

Bioinformatics Fellow, Tcheandjieu Lab

Have you ever wondered what the search committee for a faculty job is looking for or how they evaluate candidates? Learn from panelists who have been on the other side of the faculty search as they share their experiences and advice for those who are on the job market.

This event will be held both in person and online. If you’d like access to the Zoom link, reach out to Alicia Roy.

About the Speakers

Nadia Roan has served on multiple search committees at both UC San Francisco (UCSF) and Gladstone, participating in the selection process for open faculty positions in research areas spanning from virology, to cancer biology, and bioinformatics.

Dan Pollard has served as chair of two search committees and as a junior member of a third search for tenure-track assistant professor positions at Western Washington University, a primarily undergraduate institution in the Washington state system.

Guo Huang has served on UCSF and Gladstone faculty search committees for the last 8 years.



November 29, 2023
11:00am-12:00pm PST
107 A/B & Online

The Trainee-to-Tenure Track program aims to help early-career scientists in their path toward academic independence. From preparing your application package to negotiating your faculty position package, gain the tools you need to start your job hunt in academia. You’ll get the most benefit from this series when you attend about a year before you start your job search.

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