Data Science Training Program
Friday, February 14, 2020

The UCSC Genome Browser is a powerful web-based tool for interacting with genome assemblies of many organisms. This workshop will introduce you to the wealth of data contained in the browser and related databases, and will allow you to integrate and compare results of your genomic and transcriptomic experiments.

The main morning session, held in Byers Auditorium, will feature a tutorial on UCSC Genome Browser essentials. The afternoon session, held in Genentech N-114, will feature more in-depth, hands-on training and is limited to a smaller number of participants.

Prior experience with the Browser is not necessary for attendees, though it is recommended, as the instruction will progress to cover some more advanced topics. Overall, instruction for the workshop will be at the intermediate level.

This workshop will feature topics including:

  • Loading your own data and integrating them with Browser-resident data
  • Prediction of the biochemical results of variants
  • Viewing the genome in exon-only mode
  • Pathways
  • Precomputed CRISPR probes
  • Using a large database of known variants
  • Saving and sharing
  • Browser sessions
  • Exporting high-resolution images

Workshop Agenda

Main Session: UCSC Genome Browser Essentials
Byers Auditorium

Lunch Break (lunch provided)

Hands-on Browser Interactive Training*
Genentech N-114, just across from Byers Auditorium

*please bring your own laptop and power charger


February 14, 2020
Genentech Hall, Byers Auditorium, Room 114

The Gladstone Data Science Training Program was started in 2018 to provide trainees with learning opportunities and hands-on workshops to improve their skills in bioinformatics and computational analysis. This program offers a series of workshops throughout the year to enable trainees to gain new skills and get support with their questions and data.

Getting There

Genentech Hall, Byers Auditorium, Room 114