On November 3, 2021, researchers from the Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology discussed how they are using their diverse expertise in a rapidly advancing field to design and produce tailored immune cell therapies to combat a broad array of diseases.

Watch the presentations from the symposium. 

Opening Remarks

Alex Marson, MD, PhD, Gladstone Institutes

Single Cell Genomics for Immunology

Jimmie Ye, PhD, UC San Francisco

Decoding Decision-Making in the Immune System from Single-Cell Data

Matthew Spitzer, PhD, UC San Francisco

Reprogramming T Cells with CRISPR

Alex Marson, MD, PhD, Gladstone Institutes

Cells, Gene Programs, and Spatially Organized Immune Hubs in MMRd and MMRp Colorectal Cancer

Karin Pelka, PhD, Gladstone Institutes

Synthetic Biology Approaches to the Regulation of Immune Cell Therapeutics

Kole Roybal, PhD, UC San Francisco


Carl June, MD, Parker Institute for Cancer Therapy, University of Pennsylvania

Treg Cell Therapy for Inducing Transplantation Tolerance

Qizhi Tang, PhD, UC San Francisco

Making New Drugs: Process Development and Manufacturing of Cellular Therapies under cGMP

Jonathan Esensten, MD, PhD, UC San Francisco

RASA2 Checkpoint Ablation in T Cells Boosts Antigen Sensitivity and Long-Term Function

Julia Carnevale, MD, UC San Francisco

High-Throughput Genomics in Cancer Immunology

Ansu Satpathy, PhD, Stanford University

Closing Remarks

Alex Marson, MD, PhD

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