Denise Maher Srivastava (1963–2023) was the spouse of Gladstone’s president Deepak Srivastava for over 30 years, and mother to their three children Claire, Sydney, and Dillon. She lived a beautiful—but too short—life, spreading her kindness, adventurous spirit, and joy to all around her.

She was an avid supporter of Gladstone and its pursuit of treatments and cures for unsolved diseases. She would often say that if she ever won the lottery or made lots of money, she wanted it to go to Gladstone, because she already had everything she needed to be happy.

About Denise Maher Srivastava
Denise was born in Bethesda, Maryland, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where competitive figure skating became her passion and pride. She had a wide range of skills, from directing development of entire staffs, to direct patient care as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care at UC San Francisco. That’s where she met her future partner Deepak, who was a resident at the time.

While living in Boston, Denise was a nurse at Children’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School. She later received an additional degree from The University of Texas, and excelled as a research nurse for children suffering from a fatal neurological disease.

Denise suffered from a chronic illness over the last 15 years, but she never let that stop her from experiencing life and caring for those around her. Her determination and courage were pervasive in everything she encountered.