The Innovation Awards help transform Gladstone technologies into commercial ventures through a jump-start fund. The Innovation Awards are given annually to select programs presented by Gladstone researchers at the Industry Partnership Forum.

Become a Innovation Awards sponsor to fund groundbreaking translational research and gain a time-limited right of first negotiation in investment opportunities for future spin-out companies.


Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Select the research program to receive an Innovation Award after hearing pitch presentations and meeting with Gladstone scientists at the Industry Partnership Forum.
  • Quarterly updates from the recipient of the Innovation Award.
  • Meet with research leads to review completed studies.
  • Time-limited preferential access to downstream investment or commercial opportunities for the awarded translational program, such as the opportunity to participate in or lead an investment round in the spin-out or licensee, or the right of first negotiation for an option, license, spin-out transaction, or collaboration agreement


Details about the Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship starts at $100,000 per award.
  • Industry partners that fund an award receive preferential access to the program and downstream investment or commercial opportunities.
  • Awards will support planned studies (individual or series) agreed upon by the industry partner and the research lead for the awarded translational program (e.g., efficacy studies, scale-up, proof-of-concept, focused chemical library purchase and screen, etc.) and can be conducted at Gladstone, by a contract research organization, or by another third party.
  • Awarded funds must be used within 12 months of receipt.
  • Awards may be in cash or, subject to approval by the research lead for the awarded translational program, may consist of equivalent in-kind support (e.g., access to incubator space, reagents or instruments, etc.).
  • If the program has already been transferred to a separate entity (i.e., a spin-out or other licensee), the award will be given to the applicable spin-out or licensee. Otherwise, an agreement will be formed between the funding industry partner and Gladstone, via a total cost-sponsored research agreement or a similar granting mechanism.

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