In this webinar, Cogburn discusses how we need to take an interdisciplinary approach to examining the intersections of culture, structure, and racism to understand the root of social and racial inequities in health.

Courtney Cogburn directs a research group that uses innovative means to characterize and measure racism and evaluate its effects on mental and physical health. An associate professor, she employs a transdisciplinary research strategy to improve the characterization and measurement of racism, and examines the role of racism in the production of racial inequities in health. Cogburn is also conducting research exploring the use of emerging technologies, including computational social science to examine patterns and psychosocial effects of cultural racism and how virtual reality experiences can lead to changes in attitudes, social perception, and engagement (empathy, racial bias, structural competence, and behavior).

This event was hosted as part of the series Amplified: Race and Reality in STEM.

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