The Ogawa-Yamanaka Stem Cell Prize is awarded with an unrestricted cash prize of $150,000. The prize may be equally shared by multiple awardees.

The nomination deadline has been extended from March 31, 2023 to April 28, 2023.

Nomination Criteria

  • Independent investigator in stem cell biology or regenerative medicine.
  • Nominee does not have to work in the United States or be a United States citizen.
  • Must be available to attend the award ceremony in person at Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco, California, and present their research on November 16, 2023.
  • The selection committee encourages the nomination of women and other scientists from underrepresented groups in the sciences.
  • Current members of the selection committee are not eligible for the prize.

Selection Committee

George Daley, MD, PhD
Dean, Harvard Medical School

Hideyuki Okano, MD, PhD
Dean of the School of Medicine, Keio University

Deepak Srivastava, MD
President of Gladstone Institutes and Director of the Roddenberry Stem Cell Center at Gladstone

Lorenz Studer, MD
Director of the Center for Stem Cell Biology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Fiona Watt, FRS, FMedSci
Director, Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, King’s College London

Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD
Senior Investigator, Gladstone Institutes 
Director of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University

The selection committee is appointed by Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD, and Deepak Srivastava, MD, of Gladstone Institutes.

Terms and Conditions

  • The entire body of a nominee’s work will be considered.
  • A selection committee appointed by Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD, and Deepak Srivastava, MD, of Gladstone Institutes will review all nominations.
  • The selection committee may choose up to three awardees to equally share the prize.
  • A prize will be awarded as long as the selection committee identifies a qualified candidate.
  • The selection committee’s decision is final.