Critical Conversations
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Mercedes Jenkins

Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist, Google

This workshop focuses on the power of language and provides a framework on how to craft language that is accurate, empowering, and inclusive. Learn about and discuss coded language—language that reveals our biases—as well as how language can be used as a bridge for unity.

You will walk away being able to:

  • Understand and define what precise and imprecise language is
  • Understand how language reveals our biases
  • Understand how language can be used as a tool of power
  • Craft precise language

Mercedes Jenkins, is the global DEI strategist for Google People Services. She has successfully helped many organizations with their diversity and inclusion efforts.


July 7, 2020

Critical Conversations was launched in 2020 as a way for Gladstone community members to challenge and empower themselves by considering different ways of thinking through the lens of others. These discussions will encourage you to reframe or shift your perspective. All community members are encouraged to participate and continue the dialogue outside this forum.