Monday, July 19, 2021

Robert Mahley, MD, PhD

Senior Investigator and President Emeritus, Gladstone Institutes

Your chalk talk is an important part of the academic job interview, but this piece of the process can seem mysterious to many applicants. Demystify the chalk talk and set yourself up for success.

In this course, you’ll:

  • Learn the critical features of your talk
  • Get insight into the minds of the search committee
  • Watch a practical example of a chalk talk
  • Learn more about interviewing skills


July 19, 2021
2:00-3:30pm PDT

The Trainee-to-Tenure Track program aims to help early-career scientists in their path toward academic independence. From preparing your application package to negotiating your faculty position package, gain the tools you need to start your job hunt in academia. You’ll get the most benefit from this series when you attend about a year before you start your job search.

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