Convergence Seminar
Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Britt Adamson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Britt Adamson, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University. The Adamson lab focuses on three main areas of research:

  • DNA repair and the DNA damage response
  • Genome editing
  • Technology development

Her group seeks to map the network of factors that maintain genome integrity in human cells and understand how DDR mechanisms are deployed in specific contexts. They also develop and deploy tools that leverage recent advances in CRISPR-based genetics, single-cell RNA-sequencing, and genetic interaction mapping to systematically interrogate gene function, often at genome-scale, in high resolution and/or with less bias than conventional methods. Adamson is further interested in understanding how endogenous cellular mechanisms enable or suppress genome editing tools and leveraging these insights to improve existing technologies. Using these tools, the lab supports collaborative studies across a diverse array of biological fields, including virology, immunology, and development.

Join this special seminar organized jointly by the Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology and the Gladstone Institute of Data Science and Biotechnology.


December 6, 2022
10:00-11:00am PST
Mahley Auditorium & Online

The Convergence Seminar is organized by Gladstone’s Institute for Data Science and Biotechnology. This seminar series brings together scientists from varying disciplines to solve complex scientific questions and accelerate the path to cures.

The Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology Seminar Series showcases speakers at the intersection of genomic technology and immunology research with an aim to engineer the human immune system for therapeutic benefit. Speakers span technology development, synthetic biology, bioengineering, and the development and clinical application of immunotherapy. These talks are open to the Gladstone and UCSF communities.

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