Data Science Training Program
July 13-July 14, 2020

Kristina Hanspers, MSc

Gladstone Bioinformatics Core

This workshop introduces biologists to functional enrichment analysis (including pathways and GO) and effective visualization. You will learn about different enrichment analysis methods, and will get hands-on experience using online functional enrichment tools. You will also learn how to visualize data on pathways resulting from enrichment analysis. No programming experience required.

Visit the workshop site to download materials.

Note: This workshop will be held over 2 days, July 13–14, 2020. Attendance in the first session is mandatory in order to attend the second session.

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July 13-July 14, 2020
Online 2-Day Webinar

The Gladstone Data Science Training Program was started in 2018 to provide trainees with learning opportunities and hands-on workshops to improve their skills in bioinformatics and computational analysis. This program offers a series of workshops throughout the year to enable trainees to gain new skills and get support with their questions and data.