Science for Admin
Monday, April 13, 2020

Julia Kaye, PhD

Scientific Program Leader

Trade IRL for virtual at the next Science for Admin. Join us for this month’s talk via Zoom to hear from Julia Kaye on her current work.

Julia Kaye received her PhD in cellular developmental biology from UC Davis in 2009, and did her postdoc in Steve Finkbeiner’s lab at Gladstone. As a scientific program leader in the Center for Systems and Therapeutics, she leads numerous efforts to elucidate genetic factors that give rise to and modify neurodegenerative diseases. Her toolbox includes using whole genome sequencing, machine learning, and robotic microscopy of human stem cell–based models of disease.


April 13, 2020
Admin, Gladstone

A monthly tradition for over 25 years, Science for Admin is a forum for Gladstone scientists to share their latest research with their administrative colleagues.