Science for Admin
Monday, February 22, 2021

Ryan Corces, PhD

Assistant Investigator, Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease

Inside cells, DNA is packaged with proteins called histones. A complex pattern of chemical modifications to DNA and histones, known as the epigenome, provides critical instructions about when genes should be turned on and off in different cell types. In this seminar, new Gladstone Assistant Investigator Ryan Corces will describe how his lab is investigating the relationship between an individual’s genome and epigenome and their risk of developing disease.

Ryan Corces’ research has helped define the genetic and epigenetic changes that underlie both cancer and neurodegenerative disease. At Gladstone, his group is using single-cell technologies and computational approaches to understand how an individual’s genome and epigenome affect their disease risk.


February 22, 2021
12:00-1:00pm PST

A monthly tradition for over 25 years, Science for Admin is a forum for Gladstone scientists to share their latest research with their administrative colleagues.

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