Bruneau Lab 20th Anniversary Symposium
Friday, March 19, 2021

A lab is more than benches in a building. It’s more than the equipment, or the experiments that are run. A lab is made up of questions and ideas, and the people behind them.

Celebrate 20 years of the Bruneau Lab. Current and past lab members reunite for this 1-day symposium as we recognize the accomplishments and influence of the lab and the community that fuels the science.


8:00am Opening Remarks
Benoit Bruneau, PhD, Director, Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease
  Session I: Scientific Talks
8:15am Insulin-Producing Beta Cell Regeneration for Diabetes Remission
Heiko Lickert, PhD, Director, Helmholtz Munich
8:30am Epigenetic Control of Metabolism in Heart Failure
Paul Delgado-Olguín, PhD, Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children
8:45am The Combinatorial Role of Iroquois Homeobox Genes 3 and 4 in the Compaction of the Ventricular Myocardium
Kyoung-Han Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator, University of Ottawa
9:00am Transcriptional Regulation of Heart Development and Disease
Eric Small, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Rochester
9:15am Coordinated Alternative Splicing and Alternative Polyadenylation
Pedro Miura, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
9:30am Break
  Session II: Career Panels
10:00am Non-Academic Career Panel
10:55am Academic Career Panel
11:45am Break
1:45pm Virtual Mixer
  Session III: Scientific Talks
3:00pm Gain of KRAS Function in the Endothelium Is Sufficient to Cause Vascular Malformations That Require MEK But Not PI3K Signaling
Joshua Wythe, PhD, Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Baylor College of Medicine
3:15pm Dissecting Specification of Cardiac Precursor Cells at the Single Cell Resolution
Alexis Krup, Graduate Student, Gladstone Institutes
3:30pm Molecular Mechansims of Chromosome Folding and Long-Range Regulation
Elphége Nora, PhD, Assistant Professor, UCSF
3:45pm Chromatin Remodeler Brahma Safeguards Canalization in Cardiac Mesoderm Differentiation
Swetansu Hota, PhD, Scientist, Gladstone Institutes
4:00pm The Extracellular Matrix Protein Agrin is Essential for Epicardial Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition During Heart Development
Xin Sun, PhD, Researcher, Oxford University
4:15pm Defining the Transcriptional Factors to Specify the Cell Fate between CMs and ECs During development in Mammals
Jun Takeuchi, PhD, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
4:30pm Closing Remarks
Benoit Bruneau, PhD, Director, Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease


Share Your Photos

Share your memories from the last 20 years. Upload your photos to be showcased during the symposium.


March 19, 2021
8:00am-5:00pm PDT

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