Friday, May 18, 2018

Women at Gladstone are invited to join this half-day professional development workshop, presented by Mary Magellan from Learn iT!, to help them find tools to overcome challenges, adopt behaviors that can enhance their success, and learn ways to have influence without authority.

Through discussions, stimulating conversations, and hands-on exercises, you will acquire skills to:

  • Overcome challenges for women in science and academia
    Discuss current challenges faced by women and review tips from thought leaders.
  • Identify behaviors that can support your success
    Review the top 10 behaviors—including communication, body language, and personal brand—that are likely to undermine women’s success and what should be done instead.
  • Gain influence without authority
    Explore ways to exert influence in various situations, such as negotiations and interviews, and adapt to different personality styles.

To provide further leadership opportunities for women at Gladstone, participants will be invited to share the knowledge they gain with the internal community in future Lunch & Learn events.

The event is now fully booked. You can still register to be added to the waiting list.
If you do so, you will be notified by email if space becomes available.

This is the first of two half-day leadership workshops organized by the Women’s Initiative this year. The next one will be held in Fall 2018.

The Women’s Initiative Leadership Training subcommittee, led by Meredith Calvert and Janine Doerner, seeks to educate, inspire, and empower emerging women leaders to develop core values and competencies that are the foundation of quality leadership.


May 18, 2018
9:00am-12:30pm PDT

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Gladstone, we are committed to providing events and professional development activities that resonate with our community’s diverse members. Our goal is to develop creative programming that encompasses a wide variety of ideas and perspectives to inspire, educate, and engage with everyone within our walls.

We want to effect positive change through our events and activities by providing a platform for discussions on important topics related to increasing diversity and inclusiveness in the sciences.