Industry Research Seminar
Monday, March 5, 2018

Lauren Celano, co-founder and CEO, Propel Careers

Learn how to best present yourself on paper and build a résumé for an industry career!

Lauren will provide examples of skills and experiences that should be emphasized for different types of roles including discovery stage bench research roles, development stage bench research roles, such as clinical biomarker research roles, and a few scientifically focused, but non-bench research roles, such as clinical research.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • How to highlight experiences and skills on your résumé
  • What other relevant content should be included
  • Résumé formatting

This event is open to the greater Gladstone and UCSF communities.

Please Note
The first 40 people to register will receive a complimentary one-on-one review of their résumé. Details will be emailed to you separately, upon completion of registration for the course.

Propel Careers is a Boston-based life sciences search and career development firm with the unique distinction of being dedicated to networking, mentoring, and career development.


March 5, 2018
Mahley Auditorium
Sudha Krishnamurthy

Offered by Gladstone’s Office of Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Affairs, the Industry Research Seminar is a new program designed to help postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and scientific staff with the skills and resources to successfully transition into an industry position.