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Our laboratory focuses on the fundamental events involved in cell fate determination and differentiation and organogenesis. Specifically, we investigate the molecular events regulating developmental decisions that instruct cardiac progenitor cells to adopt a cardiac cell fate and subsequently fashion a functioning heart. We focus on transcriptional and post-transcriptional steps, including those involving microRNAs. We have leveraged this knowledge to reprogram fibroblasts directly into cardiomyocyte-like cells for regenerative purposes. We also investigate the causes of human cardiovascular disease by applying modern genetic technologies for the study of complex traits such as congenital heart disease. By using fly, mouse, and human genetics, we hope to develop a broad understanding of the biology underlying cardiogenesis and cardiovascular disorders.

A CHANGE OF HEART: HEART DEVELOPMENT FROM EMBRYO TO ADULT New videos with Deepak Srivastava describing how a better understanding of the molecular pathways driving embryonic heart development may help to develop new therapeutics for both congenital and adult heart disease.

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