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Structural basis for AcrVA4 inhibition of specific CRISPR-Cas12a
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Circularly permuted and PAM-modified Cas9 variants broaden the targeting scope of base editors
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CRISPR-Cas9 Circular Permutants as Programmable Scaffolds for Genome Modification
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Systematic discovery of natural CRISPR-Cas12a inhibitors
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Disruption of the β1L isoform of GABP reverses glioblastoma replicative immortality in a TERT promoter mutation-dependent manner
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Extension of the crRNA enhances Cpf1 gene editing in vitro and in vivo
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Differential Effector Engagement by Oncogenic KRAS
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Prediction of potent shRNAs with a sequential classification algorithm
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MYC Drives Pten/Trp53-Deficient Proliferation and Metastasis due to IL6 Secretion and AKT Suppression via PHLPP2
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C Fellmann
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A Computational Algorithm to Predict shRNA Potency
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Development of siRNA payloads to target KRAS-mutant cancer
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Translation initiation factor eIF4F modifies the dexamethasone response in multiple myeloma
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Disruption of CRAF-mediated MEK activation is required for effective MEK inhibition in KRAS mutant tumors
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An integrated approach to dissecting oncogene addiction implicates a Myb-coordinated self-renewal program as essential for leukemia maintenance
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