Research Interests

Dr. Ding has pioneered the development and application of innovative chemical approaches to stem cell biology and regeneration. His work has focused on discovering and characterizing novel small molecules that can control various cell fates and functions, including stem cell maintenance, activation, differentiation and reprogramming in various developmental stages and tissues.


In 2004, Dr. Ding was named Assistant Professor of Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute. He has published over 70 research articles, reviews and book chapters, and has made several seminal contributions to the stem cell field. Dr. Ding is a member of several professional groups, including the American Chemical Society, the American Society for Cell Biology and the International Society for Stem Cell Research. He has received a variety of honors, including being named one of the top five people of 2009 by The Scientist.


Dr. Ding earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with honors from the California Institute of Technology in 1999, working with Robert H. Grubbs, PhD. In 2003, he earned a PhD in chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute, working with Peter G. Schultz, PhD.

Why Gladstone

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