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Stem Cell Core Facility

At the center of the Gladstone Institutes’ robust stem cell program is its Stem Cell Core, which is vital to accelerating the rapid advances in stem cell research.

The Core was created in 2009 with initial funding from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and later support from the Roddenberry Foundation. The Gladstone community benefits tremendously from this shared facility, with over 100 scientists using the Core to conduct cutting-edge stem cell research.

The Core provides essential infrastructure, training, and support to scientists who want to use mouse and human stem cells in their research. With access to the latest equipment and technical expertise for studying iPS and embryonic stem cells, the Core keeps Gladstone scientists at the forefront of the field.


Gladstone ensures a bright future for stem cell research by training the next generation of stem cell scientists. As an independent research organization, Gladstone has the flexibility to provide its graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with a unique training experience and to support and mentor junior faculty as they develop their independent research programs.