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Director's Vision

Katherine S. Pollard, PhD

Gladstone’s track record for creating and deploying new research technologies is phenomenal. From discovering how to reprogram cell fates to building the most sensitive mass spectrometry instruments in the world, our scientists are transforming what is possible in the lab. Novel mathematical models and informatics ensure that we mine as much knowledge as possible from our data. This spirit of innovation and knack for engineering is prevalent across our disease-focused divisions. The goals of the Institute for Data Science and Biotechnology are to amplify this strength, to bring the best technology developers to Gladstone, and to share enabling platforms across labs.

Science has become much more collaborative in recent decades. The cross-fertilization of new ideas between laboratories often opens new research possibilities, and the combination of complementary skills accelerates progress.

We believe this progress depends upon bringing together two types of scientists who are not typically co-located: research technology developers and quantitative methods experts. This union enables us to measure and manipulate biological systems with unprecedented sensitivity while not drowning in the deluge of data or leaving biomedical useful knowledge on the table. By creating this technology hub in Mission Bay, we maximize opportunities for our emerging research platforms to accelerate biomedical research towards Gladstone’s mission of Science Overcoming Disease.