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Available Technologies

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TitlePatent or Publication Number
Chemical Reprogramming to Generate Neuronal CellsUS Patent Publication No. US 2019/0010451
Methods of Treating Disease by Metabolic Control of T-Cell DifferentiationUS Patent Publication No. US 2019/0022142
Generation of Expandable Cardiovascular Progenitor CellsUS Patent Publication No. US 2019/0017029
Methods and Compositions for Treating Obesity and/or Diabetes and for Identifying Candidate Treatment AgentsUS Patent Publication No. US 2019/0106394
Compositions and Methods for Reactivating Latent Immunodeficiency VirusUS Patent Publication No. US 2018/0002699
Methods for Modulating Genome EditingUS Patent Publication No. US 2018/0016601
Reversion of Primed Pluripotent Stem Cells to Naive Pluripotent Stem CellsUS Patent Publication No. US 2018/0142206
Methods and Compositions for Producing Pancreatic Beta CellsUS Patent Publication No. US 2018/0216076
Methods for Treating a Cytomegalovirus InfectionUS Patent Publication No. US 2017/0360778
In Vitro Methods of Differentiating Stem Cells into Neurons and Neurons Generated Using the SameInternational Publication No. WO 2017/210138
Methods for Inducing CardiomyogenesisUS Patent Publication No. US 2016/0194608
Detection of Genome EditingUS Patent Publication No. US 2016/0208319
Small Molecule Cellular Reprogramming to Generate Neuronal CellsUS Patent Publication No. US 2016/0250260
Automated Robotic Microscopy SystemsUS Patent Publication No. US 2015/0278625
Compositions, Systems and Methods for Gene Expression Noise Drug Screening and Uses ThereofUS Patent No. 10,184,933
Compositions and Methods of Use Thereof for Identifying Anti-Viral AgentsUS Patent No. 10,106,817
Dual-Color HIV Reporter System for the Detection of Latently-Infected CellsUS Patent No. 10,106,818
Substituted Benzoxazine and Related CompoundsUS Patent No. 10,087,151 and US Patent Publication No. US 2019/0000817
Compositions and Methods for Treating Dengue Virus InfectionUS Patent No. 10,004,751
Generating Definitive Endoderm and Pancreatic Progenitor CellsUS Patent No. 9,909,104
Generating HepatocytesUS Patent Nos. 9,512,406 and 10,227,565
Methods of Modulating Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation and DifferentiationUS Patent Nos. 8,735,568 and 9,364,506
Methods of Promoting CNS Neuronal Repair by Inhibiting LRP-1US Patent No. 9,376,481
Compositions and Methods for Regulating Glucose MetabolismUS Patent No. 9,562,072
Methods of Generating Neural Stem CellsUS Patent Nos. 8,815,589 and 9,249,391
Methods for the Reactivation of Latent HIV Using Cytosine Methylation Inhibitors and NF-KB ActivatorsUS Patent No. 9,474,788
Compositions and Methods for Treating Neurological DisordersUS Patent No. 9,359,445
Methods of Treating Neurodegenerative DiseaseUS Patent No. 9,101,644
Treatment of HIV-1 Infection and AIDSUS Patent Nos. 9,956,260 and 9,352,010
Methods and Compositions for Reducing Amyloid Beta LevelsUS Patent Nos. 8,420,613; 8,691,519; and 9,347,085
Use of SIRT1 Activators or Inhibitors to Modulate an Immune ResponseUS Patent No. 8,748,464
Methods of Modulating Lipid Concentrations in Eukaryotic CellsUS Patent No. 8,435,790
Method for Identifying Agents Capable of Inhibiting APOBEC3C Activity in HIV-Infected CellsUS Patent No. 8,133,666
Small Molecule Inhibitors of Kynurenine-3-MonooxygenaseUS Patent Nos. 8,071,631; 7,994,338; and 8,466,182
Method of Increasing Cathepsin B-Induced Cleavage of Amyloid-Β PeptidesUS Patent No. 8,388,953
Inhibitors of Kynurenine-3-MonooxygenaseUS Patent No. 8,710,237
Methods and Compositions for the Synergistic Activation of Latent HIVUS Patent No. 8,247,613
Methods of Treating Smooth Muscle Cell DisordersUS Patent No. 8,114,853
Diacylglycerol O-Acyltransferase 2α (DGAT2α)US Patent No. 7,862,819
Methods for Treating Lentivirus InfectionsUS Patent Nos. 7,723,021 and 8,338,180
Methods and Compositions for Reducing Amyloid Beta LevelsUS Patent No. 7,951,367
Immunogenic Compositions Comprising HIV-1 Acetylated Tat PolypeptidesUS Patent No. 7,482,016
Methods of Detecting Neurological DisordersUS Patent No. 7,297,836
Acyl CoA: Cholesterol Acyltransferase (ACAT-2)US Patent Nos. 6,579,974; 6,869,937; and 7,238,779
Robotic Microscopy SystemsUS Patent No. 7,139,415
Histone Deacetylase and Methods of Use ThereofUS Patent No. 7,488,587
Virion-Based Fusion AssayUS Patent No. 7,250,251
Mouse Model of Chronic Heart Failure and Coronary Atherosclerosis RegressionUS Patent No. 7,960,606
Methods and Tools for Identifying Compounds Which Modulate Atherosclerosis by Impacting LDL-Proteoglycan BindingUS Patent Nos. 6,579,682 and 7,038,011
Inhibitor of the Inflammatory Response Induced by Tnfα and IL-1US Patent Nos. 6,265,538 and 6,645,728.
Selective Target Cell Activation by Expression of a G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Activated Superiorly by Synthetic LigandUS Patent No. 6,518,480
Transgenic Mice Expressing Human APP and TGF-Β Demonstrate Cerebrovascular Amyloid DepositsUS Patent No. 6,455,757
Cell Fusion Assays for the Identification of Antiviral Compounds, and Systems and Kits for Practicing the SameUS Patent No. 6,451,598
Polymorphisms in a Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase Gene, and Methods of Use ThereofUS Patent No. 6,444,427
Transgenic Rats and Rat Cell Lines Expressing Human CD4 and a Human Chemokine ReceptorUS Patent No. 6,372,956
Antibodies Specific for Proteins Having Polyglutamine ExpansionsUS Patent No. 6,291,652
Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease and Cerebral Amyloid AngiopathyUS Patent No. 6,175,057