Thursday, March 26, 2020

Melanie Ott, MD, PhD

Senior Investigator, Gladstone Institutes

Aqeela Jogee

Vice President of Family Philanthropy, Give2Asia

Deborah Kan

Executive Director and Founder, Being Patient

The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for communities around the world. As the virus continues to spread, COVID-19 will have severe public health and economic impacts and create urgent new funding needs worldwide.

Gladstone is partnering with Give2Asia for this special webinar with experts in the scientific and philanthropy fields. Learn about the virus, its impact around the world, and how you can support ongoing medical research and communities.


Melanie Ott, MD, PhD, is a senior investigator at Gladstone Institutes and will provide an update on the current coronavirus outbreak, prospects for treatments and vaccines, and ways you can protect yourself.

Her team, in conjunction with the lab of Jennifer Doudna, is collaborating to develop a CRISPR-based method to rapidly measure COVID-19 RNA. By combining the technique with iPhone technology, they aim to develop a diagnostic that could deliver same-day results and be widely deployed even far from traditional laboratories, such as in airports and other ports of entry, and in remote communities throughout the world.

Aqeela Jogee is the vice president of family philanthropy at Give2Asia. She will share lessons on Give2Asia’s emergency response to the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Joegee is responsible for managing the philanthropic services that Give2Asia provides to families seeking to strengthen local communities and grassroots organizations across 25 countries in Asia. Prior to joining Give2Asia’s senior management team, Aqeela provided customized philanthropic advice and services to a portfolio of corporate and individuals donors. In the past, Aqeela managed and administered US Department of State funded grants in countries with significant Muslim populations throughout Asia, the Middle East, and West Africa.

Deborah Kan is the executive editor and founder of Being Patient, an online health platform focused on single-subject long-term diseases. Prior to founding Being Patient, she was a journalist based in Asia and worked for both The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

About Give2Asia

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Give2Asia is an international nonprofit that serves as a strategic partner and ally working on the ground in more than 23 countries across the Asia Pacific. Give2Asia strengthens the work of local organizations and mobilize support through philanthropic giving from Individuals, Family Foundations, and Corporations.


March 26, 2020