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Mentoring is a hallmark of the Gladstone postdoctoral program. The full development of postdoctoral scholars depends on an excellent mentoring program to provide role models for scientists just establishing their careers and to solve problems in the laboratory. Mentoring Standards have been developed and distributed to all investigators, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students. Each of us has a part in this important effort.


The ability of senior scientists to mentor is now a specific item for discussion during the annual performance reviews—both between trainees and principal investigators, and between directors and principal investigators. Mentors will receive feedback about their performance as a mentor and may receive additional training on issues identified as needing particular attention. Training maycome through management-development seminars, talks by outside investigators who are particularly successful mentors and pertinent literature. 

Postdoctoral Scholars

We also want to make postdoctoral scholars more aware of procedures that exist for addressing problems between postdoctoral scholars and mentors. We encourage scholars to approach their mentor directly. However, if further action is required, postdocs can seek resolution from the institute director, the postdoctoral advisor in the Human Resources department, or the president. The directors and the Human Resources will consider an external consultant if the conflicts remain unresolved. Training in conflict resolution (for mentors and trainees) is part of the in-house training program.