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Career Development

Career development is a major focus of the revised program. Our goal is to help our postdoctoral scholars to achieve their greatest potential.

Career Counseling

Principal investigators formally discuss career plans and prospects with their scholars at least yearly. In addition, scholars are encouraged to seek career-planning advice from other faculty members on an informal basis. Principal investigators mentor postdoctoral scholars about how to become a successful investigator through various means, such a offering informal opportunities for postdoctoral scholars to interact with principal investigators.


Gladstone is actively establishing a network of contacts with Gladstone alumni and other scientists to assist the scholars with career development and job opportunities. A Career Opportunities Seminar Series featuring successful scientists will be established to assist scholars who select nonacademic careers in industry or elsewhere. Gladstone alumni will be invited to visit Gladstone to discuss career strategies and opportunities with the scholars.

Promotion Opportunities

Gladstone has established mentoring and career counseling programs that will help to avoid unnecessarily long scholarships. Within Gladstone, scholars are eligible for promotion to research scientist after three years, based on merit and scientific achievement.