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The Gender Gap in Retirement: Significant Barriers Women Face

Diane Garnick, Managing Director and Chief Income Strategist, TIAA
A Women’s Initiative special lecture
Friday, September 15, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am
Mahley Auditorium

Saving for retirement is a greater challenge for women than men. Not only do women face hurdles during their savings years, they also meet an equally difficult set of challenges throughout retirement.

Women face significant barriers, including:

  • Gender pay gap
  • Fewer years in the workforce
  • Investment risk aversion
  • Longer life expectancy

Find out how careful planning can narrow the gender gap in retirement and what you can do to overcome them as you prepare for your future.

Diane Garnick is an industry thought leader with 2 decades of experience structuring retirement and investment solutions. She is responsible for advancing the strategy, development, and modernization of TIAA’s lifetime income solutions across the firm’s portfolio of products and services.

This special lecture is presented by the Women’s Initiative at Gladstone, in collaboration with the Human Resources Department. The mission of the Women’s Initiative is to identify and address issues that affect women and to foster a supportive network that connects them as they progress through their professional careers.

This event is open to the entire Gladstone and UCSF community.

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