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Center for Systems and Therapeutics

In contrast to reductionist methods that study elements of a system in isolation, the Gladstone Center for Systems and Therapeutics investigates systems holistically. It uses cutting-edge approaches to understand entire systems involved in complex biology, from a cell to the central nervous system. The center is directed by Steve Finkbeiner, MD, PhD.

The center relies on powerful tools—such as imaging, genomics, and robotics—to observe multiple variables simultaneously and over a given period of time, thus gaining a deeper understanding of how a system functions, and how its individual elements interact and work together dynamically. To analyze the very large datasets generated by these tools, the center also develops sophisticated mathematical and computational approaches, including deep learning, a form of artificial intelligence.

Supported by Gladstone’s business development office, the center actively collaborates with pharmaceutical companies (Lilly, Merck, etc.), technology companies like Google, and organizations such as the ALS Association and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. It also receives critical support from philanthropic partners. These partnerships allow the center to diligently leverage its discoveries and technologies in ways that can ultimately help patients. As a result, it relies on the tremendous synergy between basic science and translational efforts to develop potential therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, gut disorders, and certain cancers.