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Press Access for Cell Symposium: 10 Years of iPSC Research

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Stem cell experts will discuss the future of cellular reprogramming and its therapeutic potential at the Cell Symposium “10 Years of iPSCs,” September 25–27, 2016 at the Claremont Hotel and Spa in Berkeley, California. Keynote Speakers include Shinya Yamanaka and Rudolf Jaenisch.

The symposium marks the 10th anniversary of the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) by Yamanaka and Kazutoshi Takahashi. The symposium brings together leaders in biology, medicine, and industry to present on the latest advances in technology development, mechanistic understanding, and therapeutic application of stem cells for both drug development and cell-based therapy. 

Press Access will include free admission to the symposium and access to all sessions; no travel or lodging support is available. Please e-mail to be connected to the organizers.

At the event, scientists from the Gladstone Institutes will present the following:

Sunday, September 25
2:15-3:00pm – The godfather of iPSCs, Nobel Prize-winner Shinya Yamanaka presents the opening keynote address on recent progress made in iPSC research and future clinical applications of the technology.

5:00-6:00pm – Shinya Yamanaka and Deepak Srivastava join a panel on ethical considerations for clinical translation of iPS cell research. They will discuss the most pressing ethical issues facing the field of stem cell research as it moves toward the clinic. 

Monday, September 26
10:45-11:30am – Sheng Ding takes an alternative approach to cellular reprogramming, adding chemicals to cells instead of genes. His goal is for patients to one day regenerate damaged tissue by taking a pill. 

Tuesday, September 27
10:45-11:15am – Kazutoshi Takahashi does a deep dive on cellular reprogramming, uncovering the molecular mechanisms behind pluripotency.

3:30-4:00pm – Deepak Srivastava discusses recent progress on treating cardiovascular disease with cellular reprogramming. Srivastava is using stem cell technology to regenerate scar tissue in the heart after a heart attack into healthy, beating heart muscle.

About the Gladstone Institutes
To ensure our work does the greatest good, the Gladstone Institutes focuses on conditions with profound medical, economic, and social impact—unsolved diseases. Gladstone is an independent, nonprofit life science research organization that uses visionary science and technology to overcome disease. It has an academic affiliation with the University of California, San Francisco.

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