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President’s Message

The world is entering a golden era for science and medicine, and our responsibility to advance human health through discovery could not be greater.

Despite several medical and scientific successes over the past 20 years, the fundamental construct of how we treat patients has not significantly changed. A few fields are beginning to transform, and I believe we are on the verge of a paradigm shift that will fundamentally alter our approach over the next decade, and beyond.

We can now understand—and fight—human disease in ways we never could before. As researchers today, we can produce human cells to study diseases and develop potential cell-based therapies. We can leverage the lowering cost of gene sequencing to interrogate cells at a deeper level, and use computational tools to analyze the resulting data. We can even manipulate the genome directly with new editing techniques to examine, create, or correct gene mutations that are specific to one person.

This is a very exciting time for Gladstone, as an institution that focuses on basic science with a purpose. Our scientists couple such technological advances with a deep knowledge of biological processes, creating multidisciplinary teams that can decipher the basis for human pathology. 

In light of our relatively small size, we are particularly proud of our outsized impact on cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, and neurological disorders. Our success can be attributed to our agility and highest quality of science, combined with our unique entrepreneurial model. As our efforts continue to evolve in the promising fields of bioinformatics, technology, immune programming, and gene editing, we can maximize our influence even further.

With our home in an innovation hub like San Francisco and the exceptional caliber of our scientists, we are ideally suited to lead this transformation. The atmosphere at Gladstone allows us to take bold new steps. While we concentrate on unraveling the fundamentals of biology, we do so with an eye toward translation. We rely on cutting-edge infrastructure and approaches while also partnering with industry and universities, such as our neighbor UC San Francisco, to yield the best results. And, perhaps most importantly, our collaborative approach creates a rich learning environment for scientific trainees who will make tomorrow’s influential discoveries.

We have assembled a diverse group of exceptional people, working side by side to tackle complex problems from a multitude of different perspectives, backed by the most advanced technologies and outstanding administrative support. Our cooperative, caring, and respectful culture also maximizes scientific discovery and training. We are driven by a common mission, and one that is particularly aligned with my own life’s mission: to conduct great science that could eventually impact human lives.

I believe it is crucial for us to preserve this synergy as we lead the way to our scientific future. As the incoming president of this wonderful institution, I consider it a great privilege to have an opportunity to guide these efforts.

I invite everyone with a stake in science—graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, fellow researchers, administrative colleagues, industry and academic partners, donors and philanthropists, patients, science enthusiasts, and others—to join us as we take the next steps toward transforming biomedical research and its applications on human health.


Deepak Srivastava, MD