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Media Coverage

November 16, 2017
San Francisco Chronicle

In an article by the San Francisco Chronicle, Deepak Srivastava comments on the long-anticipated stem cell–therapy guidelines recently unveiled by the US Food and Drug Administration.

November 2, 2017

Todd McDevitt talks about his work creating organoids and the challenges faced in manufacturing human tissues in this video series by Seeker.

October 26, 2017
HIV Plus Magazine

After nearly 40 years of HIV research, is total eradication edging closer to reality? Although the “Berlin Patient” was cured after a bone-marrow-supplied stem cell transplant, Warner C. Greene warns that such transplants can put patients at considerable risk.

October 17, 2017

This Seeker article describes the method developed by Li Gan to grow tens of millions of active neurons in just a month, which could lead to treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

October 12, 2017

In this new video series by Seeker, Warner C. Greene weighs in on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how long it might take before scientists can find a cure.

October 6, 2017
Inside Science

One factor is the country’s strong historic investment in basic science, say experts in this Inside Science article. But, Sandy Williams highlights the need to continue funding a broad base of basic science to solve diseases.

The San Francisco Business Times features a story about Deepak Srivastava as he gets ready to take on his new role as the president of Gladstone.

California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) announced winners of its awards program honoring innovation and excellence in life sciences. Gladstone’s Promoting Underrepresented Minorities Advancing in the Sciences (PUMAS) program was selected as the Biotechnology Educator of the Year.

September 11, 2017
San Francisco Business Times

The San Francisco Business Times published its inaugural Upstart 50 list to showcase the Bay Area’s cutting-edge innovation ecosystem. The Inventor category, in which Deepak Srivastava is honored, celebrates the people behind the companies and technologies that are changing the world.

September 7, 2017
The Stem Cellar, CIRM

CIRM, California’s Stem Cell Agency, shares what was learned during the patient advocate event held at Gladstone in September. Among others, speakers Deepak Srivastava and Steve Finkbeiner talked about the progress being made in stem cell research.