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For Journalists

Gladstone welcomes inquiries from journalists. Our media-relations staff is on hand to provide local, regional, national, and international journalists with accurate information about Gladstone’s research and our investigators’ areas of expertise. We are available to arrange interviews with Gladstone scientists and assist in developing story ideas.

Please contact:

Julie Langelier, Science Writer and Public Relations Specialist

Direct line: 415.734.5000

Megan McDevitt, Vice President of Communications
Direct line: 415.734.2019


Press Releases

November 15, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—November 15, 2011—The American Heart Association will today present Gladstone Institutes Senior Investigator and President Emeritus Robert Mahley, MD, PhD, with the 2011 AHA Distinguished Scientist Award, bestowing yet another honor on one of Gladstone's founding cardiovascular

November 14, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Nov. 14, 2011—Gladstone Institutes Assistant Investigator Anatol Kreitzer, PhD, has won the prestigious 2011 Young Investigator Award from the Society for Neuroscience. Dr.

November 3, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—November 3, 2011—Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes have identified a protein that kick-starts the response to low levels of oxygen, suggesting new lines of research relevant to a variety of potentially fatal disorders associated with diminished oxygen supply, including canc

October 30, 2011

AN FRANCISCO, CA—October 30, 2011—Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes have discovered how a form of the protein linked to Huntington's disease influences the timing and severity of its symptoms, offering new avenues for treating not only this disease, but also a variety of similar conditions.

October 19, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—October 19, 2011—The Gladstone Institutes and the Roddenberry Foundation today inaugurated the Roddenberry Center for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine at Gladstone, a new unit founded on an unprecedented $5 million gift from the foundation that was established to honor the legacy

October 11, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—October 11, 2011— The California Academy of Sciences today will induct Gladstone Institutes Senior Investigator Bruce Conklin, MD, as an Academy Fellow, bestowing yet another honor on one of San Francisco's most esteemed cardiovascular scientists.

October 4, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—October 4, 2011—A team of scientists at the Gladstone Institutes and Yale University have begun to unravel the complex process by which cells take in and store microscopic fat molecules, suggesting new directions for further research into solutions for obesity and its related co

September 8, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—September 8, 2011—A scientist at the Gladstone Institutes has identified how the lack of a brain chemical known as dopamine can rewire the interaction between two groups of brain cells and lead to symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

August 18, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—A scientist at the Gladstone Institutes has discovered how a gene known as SIRT3 contributes to a suite of health problems sweeping across America, offering new insight into how to combat these potentially fatal conditions.

August 14, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—August 14, 2011—Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes have gained new insight into the delicate relationship between two proteins that, when out of balance, can prevent the normal development of stem cells in the heart and may also be important in some types of cancer.