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Gladstone Lloyd “Holly” Smith Distinguished Lectures

20Since 1993, Gladstone has hosted the Distinguished Lecture Series, which features researchers who have made significant contributions to science and medicine, including many Nobel laureates.* In 2014, the series was renamed to honor Lloyd H. “Holly” Smith, Jr., who served as a valuable adviser to Gladstone for many years.
  • 1993 Gerald R. Fink, PhD
  • 1994 Eric S. Lander, PhD
  • 1995 Michael S. Brown, MD*
  • 1995 Joseph L. Goldstein, MD*
  • 1996 Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD*
  • 1996 Günter Blobel, MD, PhD*
  • 1997 Richard Axel, MD*
  • 1998 Richard D. Klausner, MD
  • 1999 Joan A. Steitz, PhD
  • 2000 Judah Folkman, MD
  • 2000 Eric R. Kandel, MD*
  • 2001 Elaine Fuchs, PhD
  • 2002 Huda Y. Zoghbi, MD
  • 2003 H. Robert Horvitz, PhD*
  • 2004 Richard P. Lifton, MD, PhD
  • 2005 Elizabeth H. Blackburn, PhD*
  • 2006 Roger Y. Tsien, PhD*
  • 2007 Thomas A. Waldmann, MD
  • 2009 Rudolf Jaenisch, MD
  • 2010 Ronald Evans, PhD
  • 2011 C. David Allis, PhD
  • 2012 Robert S. Langer, ScD
  • 2013 David Baltimore, PhD*
  • 2014 Randy Schekman, PhD*
  • 2015 Susan Lindquist, PhD
  • 2016 Jennifer Doudna, PhD
  • 2019 Eric n. Olson, PhD

Lloyd H. Holly Smith Jr., MD
Holly Smith served as an adviser to Gladstone’s president for more than 12 years. He was fundamentally involved with bringing UCSF to international prominence in medicine and basic research. Smith received his undergraduate degree from Washington and Lee University and his MD from Harvard, and trained in internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and at Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia. He came to UCSF in 1964 as chairman of the Department of Medicine and later served as professor of medicine and associate dean, now emeritus.