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Igor Rouzine - Staff Research Scientist


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Gladstone Institute of Virology 

and Immmunology

1650 Owens St 

San Francisco, CA 94158

igor.rouzine [at] gladstone.ucsf.edu 

I work on development of a generalized theory applicable to a broad range of asexual and partly sexual populations with many evolving sites. Direct applications of this theory to HIV-1 evolution in untreated patients include “antigenic escape”, i.e., mutations in genomic regions responsible for recognition of the virus by the immune response, and subsequent long-term evolution implicated in progression to AIDS.  A new direction of my studies is to investigate dynamic and evolutionary stability of HIV-1 defective interference particles (DIPs).  DIPs are deletion mutants of HIV-1 acting as parasites of the wild-type virus and stealing its resources when replicating in co-infected cells. DIPs can be constructed artificially and used as an anti-HIV-1 therapy. My aim is to assist with identification of the optimal design. The tools of evolution theory are combined with multi-level dynamic modeling and validated by experimental data obtained in the lab.

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