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Advances in life sciences are providing a rich stream of emerging research technologies, computational methods, and new biological insights by which to characterize the drivers of identity and health of human cells with unprecedented depth, precision and dexterity. However, even within the finest academic institutions, scientists are not yet capturing the full power of these advances in a timely manner. At Gladstone, we pride ourselves on taking uncommon scientific paths to overcome deadly diseases, both in the research we conduct and in our organizational models.  

BioFulcrum is an entrepreneurial enterprise within the Gladstone Institutes that launched in January 2015. The goal of BioFulcrum is to accelerate the discovery of cures for major unsolved diseases by converging scientists, multiple non-profit institutions, and industry partners.

The Model
BioFulcrum’s operating model is founded on team science, converging emerging research technologies and scientific partners from multiple Bay Area institutions to do research that exceeds the capacity of any single lab. It operates as a project-centric innovation group and leverages combined expertise in diverse scientific disciplines and techniques in order to create more compelling biological evidence for new therapeutic avenues. 

BioFulcrum blends the best features of academic creativity and social mission with the discipline and focus of commercial enterprise.  The goals of BioFulcrum are translation focused and milestone driven. Unlike traditional academic endeavors, success of BioFulcrum will not be measured by publishable units, but by achievement of objectives that we have defined as essential for realization of clinical goals.  Academic or commercial partners are strategically implemented as appropriate.

Competitive Advantage

  • Experienced cross-disciplinary scientific team drawn from Stanford, UCSF and Gladstone
  • Milestone driven scientific goals
  • Strategic and tactical plans guided by a Board with industry and biotech venture experience
  • New organizational model with incentives that support team science

The Science
The first program within BioFulcrum focuses on heart failure. Participating scientists converge their complementary expertise to illuminate the blueprint (source code) of the heart at every level: cellular, molecular, protein, genetic, functional, and regulatory. They will overcome current roadblocks and produce tools and knowledge assets to enable two critical clinical goals– human heart regeneration to ameliorate heart failure and disease modeling to identify therapeutics for cardiomyopathy.

BioFulcrum can expand with new industry partners, academic partners, and philanthropic support. For more information, please contact Elle Celinski.

Executive Leadership
Sandy Williams, MD, CEO
Deepak Srivastava, MD, Lead Partner
Kathryn Ivey, PhD, Scientific Program Manager
Alecia Muth, Management Partner
Elle Celinski, Manager, Board Relations and Strategic Partnerships

Scientific Partners
Benoit Bruneau, PhD, Gladstone
Bruce Conklin, MD, Gladstone
Sheng Ding, PhD, Gladstone
Saptarsi Haldar, MD, Gladstone
Nevan Krogan, PhD, Gladstone, UCSF, QB3
Todd McDevitt, PhD, Gladstone
Katie Pollard, PhD, Gladstone
Stanley Qi, PhD, Stanford
Deepak Srivastava, MD, Gladstone
Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD, Gladstone, Kyoto

Strategic Priorities Board
Bill Bowes
Brian Daniels, MD
David Goeddel, PhD
David Hung, MD
Perry Karsen
Larry Lasky, PhD
Bill Price
Bill Rutter, PhD
Elliott Sigal, MD, PhD
Virginia Tusher, PhD
Sandy Williams, MD