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Mission and President’s Vision

Our mission is to use visionary science and technology to overcome major unsolved diseases.

President’s Vision
Sandy WilliamsLike many physicians, I’ll never forget the first time I witnessed the death of a patient under my direct care. It was the summer of 1974 and I was an intern at the Massachusetts General Hospital. As I simply watched—there was nothing more to be done—my young patient’s heart stopped and could not be restarted.

This was, of course, an experience that repeated many times in the decades that followed, but the inadequacy of even our most advanced medicine was always glaringly and painfully apparent. Time and again, the experience drove my determination to get back to the laboratory and the search for solutions not yet available.

During the course of my life in medicine, science has provided wonderfully effective new therapies in some areas of medicine—but sadly not so in others. Relentless varieties of cardiovascular, viral and neurological diseases continue to confound patients and physicians—and here is where Gladstone focuses its efforts. A core belief in the ability of science to overcome such diseases, in fact, animates all of Gladstone. We are a community of scientists where our concern for patients and our curiosity about the fundamentals of biology are combined in a distinctive—and perhaps even unique—blend of motivation and drive. We value the best of scientific inquiry, including elegance of experimental design, leaps of creative genius and seminal discoveries that drive a deeper and more insightful understanding of biology. We value the imagination, innovation, perseverance and intellectual discipline that are the hallmarks of excellence in basic science. And in expressing these values, we are committed to providing new knowledge and inventions that empower the biomedical ecosystem to create and deliver new medicines, procedures and diagnostics to allay human suffering caused by illness.  Science overcoming disease—Gladstone gathers together the talented professionals and the volunteers and philanthropists who together can make this happen.

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